MB6AL DMR and Fusion Gateway

MB6AL is a Brandmeister and C4FM UHF DV gateway powered by a Raspberry Pi running W0CHP's PiStar Dash fork with a MMDVM RepeaterBoard v3 by BI7JTA connected to a Tait TM8235.

It operates at 1watt(!!!) and shares the same antenna as my MB7UAL APRS digipeater.

It serves mainly as a 'tester' to see whether there is enough demand/support for a full DMR repeater (maybe with added Dstar). The way it's been setup means it's rather easy to add in a receive radio and turn it into a repeater.

If you have any issues, please email me [email protected].

Due to the truly unique way in which the UHF band is shared, the gateway is ATTENDED ONLY and operations might be quite sporadic.. The new licencing conditions allow unattended operation for simplex gateways in the UHF band, so the gateway now operates 24/7.

Small note: The RSSI values used for the S-meter need some calibration so is wildly inaccurate.

The gateway was, until the NoVs changed to FACs, MB6IAL. It is now MB6AL.

Live Gateway Status

Page updates every 5 seconds.

Radio and Pi-Star

Radio Status
DMR Mode State
(Is MMDVM 'on air' for this mode and available for use?)
YSF/C4FM Mode State
(Is MMDVM 'on air' for this mode and available for use?)
Radio Type
CPU Temp
Pi Uptime
Data Updated at Time

DMR Info

DMR Colour Code
Slot 1
Slot 2

Fusion Info

YSF Status
YSF Room

Last Heard


TX Duration
Bit Error Rate
Signal Strength ()
Last Station Heard Locally via RF at () with a signal strength of using mode

Services Status

MMDVMHost DMR Gateway YSF Gateway PiStar Remote PiStar API

Some DMR Talkgroups

TG# Name
9990 Parrot
2348479 XLX061a
Online Amateur Radio Club bridge
4000 Disconnect Brandmeister talkgroups
6 STATIC - will TX if in use elsewhere in the world despite it being activated locally and regardless if DMR is in use or not
XLX305a Oldham Amateur Radio Club bridge
Sunday morning net starts 09:30!
23526 Hubnet
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Some YSF Reflectors

ID# Name
99999 Parrot
84338 XLX061a
Online ARC Bridge
54321 00-CQ-UK-C4FM
30362 XLX305a
Oldham ARC Bridge
44222 GB-NWFG2
North West Fusion Group
32592 US-America-Link
Veeeerrrry busy like DMR TG 91. Guartanteed activity!
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Sunday 16th Jun 2024

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